Vitor Kley talks about Carolina Loureiro and assumes, “I love her a lot”

Victor Kley returns to Portugal for two concerts in Lisbon and Porto on 13 and 15 May. In the meantime, and counted in two performances, the artist participated rotten facegive RFMand answered several vague questions.

The Brazilian singer revealed that she has been single since the end of her relationship Carolina Loureiro and also talked about the feelings he has for his ex-girlfriend. ” Carol is gorgeous, I love her so much and I wish her only the best. The whole universe for him ”, acknowledged and pointed out that they became friends.

asked Joana Cruz, Vitor Kley also listed what is important to him in the relationship. At the moment I am very calm as I am. So the door is kind of locked, but it has to be someone with a really good internal affair. Very light connection, very smooth things. I think that’s the most important thing, and then it all complements“he explained.


Finally, the artist also assured that he really wants to be a father and assume his passion for Portugal. “The worst thing about Portugal is that it’s far from where I live. It’s like my second home, I’m very happy hereme, “he added.

It will be recalled that the Brazilian singer and Carolina Loureiro were dating for about two years and announced the end of the relationship earlier this year.

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