War in Ukraine: The video shows violent attacks on Azovstal

Ukraine has just proposed that Russia exchange prisoners to evacuate the wounded from the Azovstal area in Mariupol. The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine confirms the information and reveals that negotiations are continuing, but no agreement has yet been reached. In the southern region, attacks continue, but not always, against cities such as Mykolaiv, Zaporizhia and Odessa.

The video, published by one of the defenders of the Azov regiment trapped in the Mariupol industrial complex, shows the violence of the attacks to which the last pocket of Ukrainian resistance in the city is exposed. The date of the video released in the last few hours is currently impossible to verify, but it is likely that it was filmed recently.

Resistors left in metallurgical tunnels and bunkers have also released photographs showing the wounded and amputated, in line with the increasingly desperate requests of commanders of the Azov Regiment. A report by the Chinese news agency, which has access to Russia and separatist forces, confirms that harassment of Azovstal continues.

This Wednesday, there are also reports of attacks in the Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv and Odessa regions. But in the Black Sea port city, air defense managed to intercept the missile. It has been reported that fighting continues as Ukraine seeks to conquer Zmiinyi – a snake island – located in Romanian territorial waters and strategic for the western control of the Black Sea.

The Associated Press has uncovered satellite images that allegedly testify to a Russian ship stealing Ukrainian grain. A total of 27,000 tonnes, which Egypt apparently refused, were delivered to the port of Latakia in Syria.

Further on the southern front, the Russian authorities in charge of the city of Kherson are holding a referendum – as happened in Crimea – to try to legitimize the annexation of the region into the Russian Federation. The 2014 referendum had international recognition.

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