“We feel that Kiev has abandoned us.” Report on messages sent from a Ukrainian soldier to his wife – Observer

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The first message was sent on the day Russia invaded Ukraine, and the last is dated May 9th. During this time, the Ukrainian army Arseni Fedosiuk sent several messages to his wife, Yulya Fedosiuk, informing him of what was happening in Mariupol.especially when he arrived at the Azovstal factory, which still has about a thousand soldiers in the Azov Battalion.

The Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra has now revealed the content of the messages, and it is yet another indication of what has happened in the industrial complex that has become a symbol of the city’s resistance, which has been reported by several soldiers. last days. The messages were revealed after Yulya Fedosiuk was with Pope Francis in the Vatican this Wednesday asking for help to save her husband.

The Azov Battalion shows wounded soldiers at the Azovstal plant

Arseniy Fedosiuk describes the lack of food, water and medical care that has already led to the deaths of several soldiers. “Another very close friend died today. He was injured, but we could not help him, we lack the means. This is the third time in a few days that this has been done, ”the soldier wrote on May 3 after swimming“ from the right bank of the river to the left ”to reach the Azovstal plant.


Desperation for help caused this soldier to say that if feel rejected by the Ukrainian governmentas the other fighters in that place had already mentioned.

I know they’re doing what they can. But sometimes we feel that Kiev has abandoned us. Surrender is not an option, they would torture us and kill us. But how long can we last? Zelensky could go further diplomatically, right? ”

This Ukrainian soldier also gave indications of civilians who may still be at the Azovstal plant, which contradicts Russian statements that all civilians were evacuated. “They say they have already rescued all the civilians, but there is still a family here of a soldier who wanted to stay so as not to end up in refugee camps and end up in Russia,” he wrote.

The Azov battalion says the Ukrainian government “failed” to protect Mariupol

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