What are the symptoms of menopause? Check

THE menopausename given last periodusually affects women when she reaches the age of 45-55.

When that happens, it means that the woman’s reproductive phase is over and her egg supply is exhausted. The period after the end of menstruation is called the climax.

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But what are the symptoms of the approaching menopause? Look at the five symptoms that indicate the end of the reproductive period:

1. Irregular periods

The main symptom that determines the menopausal approach is irregular menstruation. When menstruation is near, it can happen that menstruation does not come in a month or even go on for months without menstruation starting to come or twice in the same month.

This is because low hormones prevent the uterus from regularly preparing for a possible pregnancy.

However, there are exceptions, and some women may have a regular cycle until menopause.

2. Heat waves

One of the most reported by women heat waves appear unexpectedly and cause seizures that affect the upper body, neck, and face in particular.

It can happen that the skin on the face is red and the woman starts sweating too much.

The sensation usually lasts for half to five minutes and can often occur for more than a year. For some women, this can take more than five years.

3. Mood swings

The proximity of menopause can also disturb the mood a woman who often has sudden changes.

This is because the hormones responsible for central nervous system function are estrogen and progesterone, which are low during menopause.

A woman may feel irritability, melancholy, anxiety, and crying.

4. Urogenital changes

There are several urogenital changes in women who have difficulty emptying the bladder, urinary incontinence, and infections that often affect the bladder and urethra.

A woman may also experience decreased libido, vaginal dryness, and pain during intercourse.

5. Changes in sleep

Estrogen is also associated sleep regulation a woman and feeling low can cause difficulty sleeping as before.

In addition, heat waves are annoying because they can occur at night and interfere with a moment of rest.

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