Which made Johnny Depp’s lawyers celebrate when Amber Heard talked about Kate Moss in court

It’s already Monday, the 16th Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will face each other again in the U.S. District Court in Fairfax, Virginia over an act of defamation brought by an actor against his ex-wife. But before that, there is a moment in particular about one of last week’s sessions that arouses interest and fascinates the followers of the trial.

In the second part of Amber Heard’s testimony, there was a moment when the actor’s comment made Depp’s legal team express great satisfaction. The actress talked about the alleged quarrel she had with her ex-husband in 2015 and assumed that at the time she was afraid she would hurt her and her sister. Whitney, who was present at the time. Then he said: “I thought right away Kate Moss and stairs “. Words that had an effect on Depp.

Ben Chew, The actor’s lawyer smiled immediately, raised his hand in the air as if celebrating, turned back to speak to colleagues, and spoke a word to Depp. The actress held her head down towards the secretary and also drew a smile. Some say it is clear that the group tried to calm down quickly to mask the reaction.

This reaction has been widely commented on in the media and on the Internet. It is rumored that Amber Heard may have given a helping hand to the prosecutor’s strategy. Kate Moss was dating Depp from 1994-1998. There was a rumor at the time that the actress could have thrown the model’s ladder down. Moss has never accused Depp of beating, and in his interviews, which he has given since the end of the relationship, he has always spoken of him in a positive light.

It was always thought that Johnny Depp’s legal team would like to include Kate Moss on the list of witnesses speaking on behalf of the actress. That the latter would dispel the rumor and speak in a way that would benefit the actor. However, it is believed that this was not accepted as the model was considered irrelevant. Now that Amber Heard mentioned her name in court, the situation may change.

However, there are also those who say that Kate Moss cannot be included in the list of witnesses at this stage of the trial. Yet Heard’s words allow Depp’s legal team to address a topic that was previously forbidden: old relationships. And if Heard can talk about Depp, the actor’s team gets to question the actor’s other dating relationships, some of which are rumored to be harmful and bring out other behaviors that can be considered violent.

It remains to be seen what is the strategy that has now become possible thanks to a simple mention.

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