Who is the “steel bird”, the voice of the resistance (still) at the Azovstal factory? – Observer

Soldier Nik Mark, who is in prison in Azovstal, also posted a video on Facebook on May 9 to hear the hit of Skryabin’s Ukrainian pop song “Spi sobi sama” (“Sleep Alone”). The theme is sung by a red-haired, blue-eyed young woman as a soldier pretends to have a guitar as a weapon.

Sometimes it happens that you want to hear
Things you should never know better
It pulls your hand somewhere
Where do you think it would be better to be without eyes, ”he begins.

Earlier, on May 5, Nik Mark had shared a video of the same army woman against her breast shot in the twilight. He sang the “March of the Ukrainian Nationalists,” the anthem of the Ukrainian Nationalist Organization, and is now considered a patriotic song sung by newspapers such as the Italian Corriere della Sera. they call the Ukrainian “Bella Ciao,” a reference to the anthem of the Italian anti-fascist struggle.

“The pain of losing Ukraine fed us / the rage and evil of our enemies,” read the two verses.

Enough ruins and quarrels for us,
Brother is not afraid to go to war against brother!
Under the blue-yellow flag of freedom
We bring together all the great people, ”says the other four.

The voice that companions hear carefully is Kateryna, who graduated from music studies last year when he enlisted in the Ukrainian army. At the age of 21 and in a non-food and medical environment, he is praised “Steel Bird” by cybercrime.

The soldier was born in Sosnivka, a village in western Ukraine, where, according to the Daily Mail, he is known for his fascination with Ukrainian history, creativity and love of art – he even wrote songs and published poems in the newspaper. After completing his singing studies at an art college in the city of Ternopil, went to work in a motorcycle dealership in Kiev.

He rejected music because of another profession that filled his soul. She might be on makeup and going datesbut instead opted for a machine gun and camouflage. Kateryna has a very strong spirit – a warrior without a drop of fear in her blood.

While living in the capital, he took part in protests. “He was beaten once during the march, but he never gave up.“stressed a friend Valeria Panasyuk.” Bird of Steel “informed Valeria that it intends to join the fight against Russian-backed separatists in the Donbass region last spring.

Kateryna, who completed a course in medicine told her parents she was working at the hospital not to care about them. As his talent spread on social media and social media, he quickly rose from the anonymous, and can no longer hide to be one of those faces for whom “surrender is not an option.”

The Azov Battalion says the Ukrainian government “failed” to protect Mariupol

Surprise among friends is not diminished by the knowledge that Kateryna’s desire to defend the two-colored flag knows no bounds. “I was shocked. I never would have thought he was in Mariupol“, decided Panasyuk.

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