With 1,566% more cases, Natal declares dengue epidemic – 12.5.2022 – News

Between January and April this year, the number of dengue cases in the municipality of Natal increased by 1,566 percent. In this scenario, the capital of Potiguar reported that it was suffering from an epidemic of the disease. The municipal health department (SMS) confirmed the data to Inter TV Cabug on Wednesday (11).


Aedes aegypti is a vector for chikungunya, dengue and zikavirus

The city has already registered 2,966 cases this year. During the same period in 2021, there were 192 patients with dengue fever. Chikungunya, from 39 to 176, and Zika, from nine to 13, also increased in the number of cases.

In declaring an epidemic, the Department of Health takes into account three factors mentioned by the Ministry of Health: the incidence of cases for three consecutive weeks, the number of reports per 100,000 inhabitants, and the increase in searches and assistance in emergencies. position.

To combat the situation, a crisis office was set up with the participation of the Urban Services Company (Urbana), the Secretary of Labor and Infrastructure (Semov), the Secretary of the Environment and the City (Semurb) and the Ministry of Education (SME) in addition to SMS.

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