10 years on a game that put São Paulo on the playing map

São Paulo is the scene of the explosive Max Payne 3

Photo: Rockstar Games / Publicity

Published on May 15, 2012 Rockstar games, Max Payne 3 marked an era by bringing back a character coveted by action game fans, the bitter cop that gives the game its name, a creation by Remedy Entertainment that had starred in two great games before – and was even adapted into a movie theater. , with Mark Wahlberg in the lead role.

For us Brazilians, the game was also significant for a more personal reason: Max Payne 3 was put into the game Sao Paulo. The capital of São Paulo has been faithfully portrayed in the game at a level that only Rockstar Games can offer. Famous nightclubs, favelas and even a well-known football stadium serve as the backdrop for Max Payne 3’s incredible action and firefight.

To the Director of Development Rob Nelson, São Paulo was the perfect choice for the gaming environment. “It is a fascinating and beautiful city, it is the largest city in the southern hemisphere. It’s a real metropolis, full of incredible architecture, a culturally diverse and criminal underworld that is as gloomy and dangerous as the one Max had encountered in New York, if not more so.“, the director said in an interview with Rolling Stone Brazil at the time of publication.

Clearly out of the police, Max arrived in Brazil with a new look, bald, bearded and wearing a flawless flower shirt. A tourist thing? Perhaps, but a tourist who is outside the “badass” who is quick to take part in the rescue mission and avenges the gangs in the hoods of São Paulo. The action was the highest octane number, as Rockstar knew how to maintain a fighting style with firearms, acrobatics and slowdown jumps in old games.

The series is known for bringing “bullet time” mechanics to games – a technology that would become very popular with Matrix movies. Max Payne is also the forerunner of “gun fu,” a supposed martial art with firearms and pirouettes that made John Wick known in theaters many years later.

The game’s actors also featured Brazilian voices, including Paulo Bonfá, and rapper Emicida was involved in the soundtrack – the artist’s first participation in the games, well in advance of performances at esports events and performances at Fortnite.

The use of slow motion and tricks gives the action a cinematic tone

The use of slow motion and tricks gives the action a cinematic tone

Photo: Rockstar Games / Publicity

Soundtrack reissue

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Max Payne 3, Rockstar has announced the release of a new version of the game’s soundtrack called Max Payne 3 – The Official Soundtrack (Anniversary Edition). The album will arrive later this year in digital format on streaming platforms and a limited edition vinyl.

Max Payne 3 – The Official Soundtrack (Anniversary Edition), featuring the expressive sound of Los Angeles noise band HEALTH, also features previously unreleased songs from the game.

HEALTH’s Max Payne 3 soundtrack took melancholy melancholic noise rock to new levels, creating a gloomy and intense industrial soundscape that reflects Max’s confused and exhausted mental state and the heavy vibe of the Max Payne series, which led to the song “TEARS” becoming

Released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Max Payne 3 is available today for PCs (via Rockstar Launcher) and backwards compatibility for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles.

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