157-year-old university closes its doors …

It won two world wars, very serious economic crises, but it was the Ransomware attack that forced the century-old universality to close its doors.

Lincoln College, a small North American university, was founded in 1865 and was unable to withstand the hardships of recent years caused by the pandemic, which were greatly exacerbated by a computer attack.

Lincoln College, an American university in rural Illinois, sees its long 157-year history coming to an end this Friday.

The facility went through very difficult economic and social times that spanned the entire world, such as two world wars, a Spanish disease, or a major recession, but it could not withstand a computer attack on ransom programs after a two-year pandemic. .

The attack took place in December 2021, and since then, the university has lost control of the computer system, jeopardizing trivial processes such as simple recruitment.

In a note sent to NBC News, the department states that:

all systems required for recruitment, retention and fundraising were down. Fortunately, no personal information was disclosed. After it was fully reinstated in March 2022, forecasts showed a sharp drop in enrollment, which would require a large donation or partnership to support Lincoln College after this semester.

The values ​​needed to overcome the situation after the blackmail attack are not known because the university did not share the relevant information. However, the Baltimore public school system, for example, was hit by a similar type of computer attack and $ 10 million was spent on restoring the systems.

In the United States, at least 14 universities in the United States have already suffered a Ransomware attack in 2022. Cybersecurity vulnerabilities have been identified as one of the main reasons why these institutions are selected for attack. cybercriminals ..

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