A British court decides that calling a man “bald” is sexual harassment

An English court has ruled that calling a man “bald” is sexual harassment. The decision was made in a case where an electrician opposed the company where the man worked.

The Guardian reveals that Tony Finn worked for almost 24 years at the British Bung Company in West Yorkshire until he was fired in May last year. Finn was not satisfied with the termination of his employment and decided to sue the company, claiming, among other things, that he had been sexually harassed after an incident with a factory manager.

Finn claimed that during a dispute with supervisor Jamie King, he called him “bald shit.” The plaintiff explained in court that he was more shocked by the comment about his appearance than by the language used by the boss.

A panel of three judges – of the three men who complained of a lack of hair – considered that because significant hair loss is more common in men than women, using the term bald to describe someone is a form of discrimination.

Accordingly, the court upheld Tony Finn’s claim that he would be entitled to compensation, the amount of which would be decided at a later date.

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