According to a British court, calling a man bald is sexual harassment

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The British Labor Court has ruled that calling a man bald is sexual harassment. The judge’s reasoning was based on two issues: hair loss is more common in men than women, and then commenting on a man’s baldness in the workplace is equivalent to commenting on a woman’s breast size.

The winner of the case is electrician Tony Finn.which was separated from the British Bung Company in May last year after working there for almost 24 years. It was not a quiet exit.because it sued the company over a case with factory manager Jamie King.

In July 2019, Finn claimed that during a dispute with King the supervisor called himself “bald shit.” Finn’s irritation was not due to the language used – “which, in the words of the judge, was common” at the West Yorkshire plant – but to a reference to physical appearance.

It is difficult to conclude that Mr King uttered these words with the intention of violating human dignity [de Finn] and create an threatening, hostile, degrading, humiliating, or offensive environment for an employee“The court estimated,” the court said [Finn] and offend him. There is a connection between the word “bald” and a gendered trait. “


At the trial, the judge agreed with a lawyer at the British Bung Company, who ruled that both women and men could be bald. “However, as all three members of the court can guaranteebaldness is much more common in men than women.

Or King ‘s comment was intended to harm the plaintiff by commenting on his appearance, which [tem uma característica] often found in men “. The compensation to be paid to Finn will be determined when a new due diligence is planned.

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