An unfortunate ambush! Friday the 13th will be awkward for these characters…

sWith the exception of superstition, this Friday, the 13th, simply comes at a time of explosive astrological energy, as explained in an article published by Metro World News.

The retreat of Mercury can lead to embarrassing conversations and confusing interactions.

Friday the 13th also occurs during the eclipse season, which is always an intense and dramatic experience.

Prepare for a “perfect storm” …


This Friday, you may feel a little confused, and it’s all due to Mercury’s retreat.

Because Mercury is your ruling planet, this retreat tends to get you out of your way and turn your life upside down. Fortunately, it’s not something you can’t handle.

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You can feel the weight of responsibility, especially in relationships. If your expectations aren’t met, maybe it’s time to take a step back before saying or doing something you might regret. Evaluate the situation after calming down, because you really don’t want to make big decisions on a whim.


Carry a lot on your shoulders, and this Friday the 13th you can reach the breaking point. Instead of “going crazy” when you face difficult situations, remember that you’ve gone through a lot worse and survived – become even stronger.

It is likely that you will subconsciously increase the share of the event. Believe me, it will take a lot longer than Friday the 13th to beat him.

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