Apple brings Apple Pencil to the iPhone 14 Pro

A new rumor, published on the Japanese site My Drivers, suggests that iPhone 14 Pro will be the first smartphone give apple compatible Apple pen, Cupertino pen. If it materializes, the novelty will bring a huge benefit to professional use / productivity when iPhone. But honestly, there are several reasons to believe that this time will not happen iPhone there will be support Apple pen.

Apple “committed” to the competition

The main thing is to believe that apple can really lead Apple pen towards iPhone 14 Pro is that your competitor (Samsung) is already selling a flagship (Galaxy S22 Ultra) and collapsible (Galaxy Z Fold 3) with a pen holder pen. Despite the series’ great sales iPhone 13a user looking for a smartphone to help you be productive and professional Samsung a better option. Interesting, with support Apple penThe iPhone 14 Pro would probably enable the magnetic function contained in the device iPad to hold and charge the pen. Look at the picture below for some reasons to believe that Apple pen will be for the next few years.

Authors: Disclosure / Apple.

The iPhone 14 series already has too much news to receive the Apple Pencil

If you follow A united world and likes apple you know it has been promised a lot iPhone 14 this year. Some can no longer even be called rumors – the end of the article iPhones Pro and close the version iPhone miniFor example, you can take it for granted. In addition to embracing design hole + pill for selfie cameras and sensors FaceID, recently interesting information is the camera update. Models 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max gets a 48 MP camera.

This does not only mean the use of eSIM, the possibility of versions with 2 TB of storage and OLED display. So much for one set iPhoneit is entirely possible that apple don’t like Apple pen your foldable iphonewhose launch is scheduled for 2025. And we need to consider other plans companyHow Apple glass (VR glasses). THE pencil it would be nice? It would, but it doesn’t make sense now.


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