Arapongas has confirmed 1,591 cases of dengue fever

This Wednesday, the 11th Endemic Disease Surveillance released updated information on the dengue situation in the municipality. There are now 1,591 confirmed cases of dengue fever; of which 1,565 are originals – procured by the municipality itself and 26 imported. The number of announcements is 3,447; 130 under investigation; 1,726 negatives and one death. The previous week had: 2,923 announcements; 1,373 positive cases of dengue fever, of which 1,350 were domestic and 23 were imported; 331 cases under investigation; 1,219 negatives and one death. MEASURES – Endemic Control will continue its services to control the dengue mosquito (Aedes Aegypti); also the cause of zika and chikungunya. Yesterday, the 10th, a coastal UBV fog car (smoke) passed through the Jardim Aeroporto area. Other districts have already received services: Conjunto Flamingos; Saint Raphael (1-6); Del Condor; Cj. Eagles and Our Lady of Graces. The schedule also meets: Vila Araponguinha; Villa Sampaio; New Horizon Garden; Solar garden; Big House 2; Vila Bernardes; St. Anthony’s Garden; set Ulisses Guimaraes; Big House 1; Baroness Garden; Santa Efigenia; Centaur set 1/2/3; Petropolis Garden; Vale das Peróbas 1 and 2; Garden Interlagos 1 and 2; Corina Pugliesi and Conj. Araucaria residential area. The teams will continue to carry out siege operations and home visits, as well as installing door traps that form a kind of trap for mosquitoes; in critical places. Awareness lectures are also progressing strongly in addition to the mobilization of neighborhood schools.


The weekly dengue report published by the State Ministry of Health (Sesa) on Tuesday (10th) records 124,078 reported cases and 43,751 confirmations. There are 6,703 more cases, an increase of about 18% on the previous report. Data are from the 37th epidemiological report, the new season of the disease, which began on August 1 and continues through July 2022.

Of the 373 municipalities that registered a dengue fever, 315 confirmed the disease, of which 274 were indigenous, meaning that the dengue fever occurred in the patient’s municipality of residence.

DEATH – Sesa reports the deaths of three other people. It is a 95-year-old woman who lived in Cascavel and two men, a 20-year-old resident of Maringán and an 85-year-old from Londrina. The deaths occurred between March 26 and April 14, 2022. Since the beginning of the episode, Paraná has added 12 deaths from the disease.

The state has confirmed the dengue epidemic status since April 19 due to probable and confirmed cases that exceeded expectations for the season. Due to this scenario and the increase in cases, technicians at all levels of government intensified their environmental controls.


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