BALL – Mbemba bids farewell to Dragão (FC Porto)

Saturday is a big party, but also a farewell to the dragon. Among the unknowns about the future of the sport, as there are several players (and even coaches) in the international market under investigation, one thing is certain: Chancel Mbemba is preparing to take on another project and thus play against Estoril. the last game at the stadium, which was their home for the past four seasons.

At the age of 27, the contract with the International Center for the Congo is coming to an end, and despite discussions over several months, FC Porto did not reach an agreement that would allow him to continue in the SAD framework. This means that the player leaves at zero cost, even though it was an element that offers a good return for the sport, which should not be overlooked when it comes to the final balance of the investment made to sign him (around 4.5). million paid in 2018 to the British from Newcastle).

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