BALL – Morita with EUR 3.8 million (sports)

Resolved document The management of Justen Sporting, signed with Jeremiah St. Mainz for € 9.5 million, is now turning to Morita and rising from € 3.5 million to € 3.8 million to secure the acquisition of a Japanese midfielder from Santa Clara. The lions want to complete the deal in May and expect significant progress in the process tomorrow as the Azores travel to Lisbon to face the greens and whites on the final day of the championship – 8:30 p.m.

Alvalade’s radar has not wasted any more time since last season, and soon after the winter window on the market opened in January, Santa Clara advanced to a stand-out 27-year-old player race – 21 games and two goals. 2020/2021 37 matches and also two goals this season. Negotiations progressed, the first sums progressed in the debate and rose to EUR 3.5 million. But now the Sporting administration can add € 300,000 to € 3.8 million.

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