BALL – Mourinho appeals from judges and leaves a question (Roma)

Following a criticism by José Mourinho of Florence at the end of the game, Luca Banti, the referee in charge of the match in that match, was banned and will no longer be whistling before the end of the season as the Portuguese coach reacts to the situation this Friday.

“We are tired of seeing the referee’s punishment. Suspending them means they admit their mistakes, but who will refund the points taken from us?”, The Portuguese asked as the Venezuela match opened.

“I don’t think the Conference League final will bother us from these last two matches, I hope it doesn’t. I want to finish fifth or sixth, where we’ve been all season to achieve our goal. We have to win because we need points and this is the season our last home game. We want to go to the final round only up to ourselves, “the Portuguese said of the battle for the Europa League.

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