BALL – Mourinho demands more quality and Juventus striker is targeted (Roma)

THE Corriere dello Sport says this Friday that there is new interest in Paulo Dybala. The Argentine striker leaves Juventus as a freelancer and has been associated with several clubs such as Inter and Borussia Dortmund.

However, according to the Italian newspaper, there is a new suitor, Roma. José Mourinho is demanding quality confirmations for next season and the owners of the Italian club seem to be willing to satisfy the Portuguese coach.

There have already been informal contacts between player’s agent Jorge Antun and Roman club sports director Tiago Pinto. By Corriere dello Sporta meeting between the parties was planned, but the defeat with Fiorentina forced the Roman owners to postpone it.

Paulo Dybala in Rome has a hypothesis that is confirmed. Still, the Romans need to speed up the process if they really want Dybala. Inter is equally interested in Argentines. THE Gazzetta Dello Sport in early May that Dybala had already entered into an agreement Nerazzurriwhich the attacker’s manager denied.

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