BALL – Triumph Benfica may still be worth € 300,000 (Paços de Ferreira)

In addition to sports, Paços de Ferreira has an economic appeal that supports the goal of winning the Benfica League tonight.

Mata Real’s logo guarantees he will stay in the race for several days, but after that, the team led by César Peixoto didn’t raise their legs and fought for three points in various matches, currently presenting themselves in 10th place. but still a chance to reach 7.

The attack on this position must end with a victory against the Reds and an incentive to succeed, which could mean an increase of € 300,000 in the cash prize of the company that negotiated the TV rights with SDUQ Pace. , led by Paulo Meneses – other clubs have the same contract. That agreement provided for exceptional values ​​- € 100,000 for each ranking above 16th place – depending on the league’s final classification.

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