“Big Brother Famosos” – Bruna was destroyed by a plane in the house: “Bernardo Bru doesn’t like you, you don’t deserve it. Forget it”

Bruna Gomes was surprised by a negative message that could be read on the ticket of an airplane flying over the “most guarded house in the country” this Thursday afternoon, May 12: “Bernardo Bru doesn’t like you, you don’t deserve it. Forget it”.

The group’s anger was common when they spotted the machine and read the message. António was the first to react and spoke to the author of these harsh words: “Forget it, you’re the one who sent the shit out of that plane! You don’t have to have a place to spend your money, asshole. Go cag @ r! The money you spent on this plane you donated to charity can be a stupid ass. , idiot. “, shot. “And this is a plane for Bernardo, Bernardo is no longer in this house!

The pilot’s girlfriend was left with a sad face, but colleagues wanted to reverse the situation and devalue what had happened. “These planes are only meant to destabilize,” shot Gonçalo Quinazia. The influencer was shocked and confused by the message, he did not understand the meaning of the machine: ”I don’t understand that message because he’s there. Why didn’t the person send it to him? “shot dead.

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