Big Brother: Gonçalo Quinaz reports a strange “problem” and is “stuck” in “Big”: “Confess there …”

Gonçalo Quinaz, Leandro, António Bravo, and Pedro Guedes were in a pleasant cavaqueira dinner at the Candidate Dinner on Thursday night, May 12, where contestants ended up sharing their adventures with their friends.

The former footballer began by telling his colleagues an unusual story inhabited by his friend, including a footballer who charmed the bar and ended up spending the night with a transsexual who at some point revealed: “I have something to tell you, it’s that I’m transgender and I’m not 100% cut … She says she’s puzzled, got dressed and left.”starts with reporting.

Later, Gonçalo Quinaz begins to report on his friend’s new conquest, and “Big” infiltrates the conversation and shoots: “Admit there that this friend’s name was Gonçalo Quinaz …”, threw the sovereign general laughter over the house. “Oh big, my survival, I’ve already told you many times that it was me …”acknowledges Quinaz.

Watch the video here.

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