Bodies found in the lake due to extreme drought confirm Las Vegas’ violent past

The legend of Las Vegas seems to have strengthened: the drought that struck the Colorado River Reservoir just 30 minutes ’drive from“ Sin City ”has already“ revealed ”two human remains in just a week – Lake Mead is now revealing who appear to be episodes of organized crime in Nevada City. “We can’t say what we find in Lake Mead,” said Oscar Goodman, the former mayor of Las Vegas. “But it’s not a bad place to throw the body.”

Goodman, a former lawyer, made a name for himself by representing crowds such as Anthony Spilotro, one of Las Vegas ’most famous mafias, before serving as mayor for three seasons, but refused to name anyone who might appear in a huge tank. “I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Kimmy Hoff,” he joked, adding that many of his former clients seemed interested in “climate control,” a crowd term to keep the surface of the lake high and the bodies in the water. graves ..

However, climate change has dropped the surface of Lake Mead more than 52 meters since 1983 – the lake feeds 40 million people in seven U.S. states and has dropped to 30 percent of its capacity. “If the lake is much shallower, it’s very possible that very interesting things will surface,” said Michael Green, a professor of history at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. “But I’m willing to bet there will be a few more bodies,” he assured.

The first decaying body was found in a rusty barrel stuck in the mud. The body has not been identified, but Las Vegas police said it was shot, probably between the 1970s and early 1980s.

Las Vegas police said Monday that there were no immediate signs of a crime and that they will only begin a murder investigation if a Clark County coroner finds the death suspicious.

“More bodies will be found,” predicted Geoff Schumacher, vice president of The Mob Museum, a refurbished post office and federal building in the historic center of Las Vegas that opened in 2012 as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. “I think many of these individuals were likely to be drowned,” he said.

Green said the findings will make people talk not only about crowd attacks, they can also bring relief to unanswered families. “People talk about it for right and wrong reasons,” he explained. “They think we’re going to solve all the mafia murders. In fact, we can see some.”

On Monday, the water level in Lake Mead was about 320 meters above sea level – about 50 meters below the level in 2000, when it was last considered full. It is the lowest record level since it was filled in the 1930s.

The low level revealed the original water intake valve on the first tank in April. The valve has been in use since 1971, but can no longer draw water, according to the Southern Nevada Water Authority. This agency is responsible for managing the water resources of 2.2 million people in southern Nevada, including Las Vegas.

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