BOLA – FPF and Fernando Santos guarantee coach “no debt a cent” (FPF)

Earlier this Friday morning, the Portuguese Football Association and Fernando Santos issued a joint statement guaranteeing that the tax situation of the national team coach is legal, denying all debts and guaranteeing that neither the FPF nor Fernando Santos will “like or betray”.

information on its contractual relationship with the Tax Administration or another authority, as they have always fully and accurately reported all payments / revenues arising from that relationship “, in response to Expresso ‘s news that the Tax Administration will demand a payment from the coach.

According to the statement, the ongoing process in the arbitration court was raised by the country coach after clarifying the amounts claimed by the taxpayer, and now Fernando Santos is awaiting the outcome of the process.

Read the full statement:

«Jornal Expresson this Friday, May 13, 2022, after the title of the Portuguese Football Association and Eng. Fernando Santos is here to communicate and clarify the following;

1. The Portuguese Football Association and Eng. Fernando Santos deplores the gross and apparently severable breach of tax secrecy, which belongs to all taxpayers and therefore naturally affects them as well.

2. Without prejudice to the reservation which they lawfully intend to maintain, it is necessary to clarify that the taxes promoted by the Tax Administration were paid in full and without delay, including the relevant compensatory interest, from which Eng. Not only does Fernando Santos owe a cent to the tax authorities, he has never stopped regulating his tax situation under the terms of the law;

3. Portuguese Football Association or Eng. Fernando Santos concealed or misrepresented his contractual relationship with the tax authority or any other authority, as he had always fully and accurately reported all payments / income resulting from that relationship.

4. Tax Authority and Eng. Fernando Santos, who has already translated the settlements already paid in full, will decide the arbitration in accordance with the terms of the law and looks forward to the progress of the arbitration in question.

5. If the request for arbitration is granted in full confidence, the right to a full refund of the amounts paid shall prevail. “

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