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TVI’s Big Brother Final Challenge turns into a “crazy house” where some competitors pretend to be characters, try to form alliances before getting into the “real program”, follow a pre-researched strategy, analyze the weaknesses and strengths of other colleagues and still go crazy because they just want to have fun talking nonsense and playing games, and next to them is someone who attacks them or says bad things about them. On the face. Boldly. Who guarantees it is Jaciara, a contestant who left the program last week and is now coming to the public to tell her what she saw and what happened.

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Away from home, it raises many doubts about how TVI’s flagship program for Sunday night will “manage” the game, the sounds and the expulsions. And explains why he believes Bruna can win the program and what has made Barbosa get the “nerve attacks” seen in the program.

In fact, the whole question starts with Nuno Homem de Sá, his game and the way he has left women in a “trance.” “Several things happened that shouldn’t have happened,” Jaciara explains, referring to a competitor. “Joining Nuno was one of my biggest mistakes. I knew I was his target, but I was also confident in some of the promises made to me that didn’t materialize, but that’s ok,” he fires into the air. But what promises? And who did them? “I didn’t Endemol promise me not to attack it.” assume, keep. “This person knows about the promise made to me. I came up with a promise that I’m not Nuno’s target, but unfortunately it didn’t come true.”decide without disclosing the name.

But that Jaciara was the target of a competitor, she herself was tired of repeating. The question is, what do others have to do with it and how have the rules of the game changed?

And finally, the explanations begin.

According to Deco’s ex-wife, it is because Nuno Homem de Sá (a 60-year-old actress who has never concealed herself a “true show” and a fan of the game of words and emotions that streams play in this social experience. that other residents are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. This group includes António Bravo, Ana Barbosa, and even Pedro Guedes, proactive or observers Leandro and Bruna Gomes, who are silent when they look at the behavior of their colleagues between the “plant” and the “gecko.” .

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Bruna Gomes’ mother support video


The conversation between Jaciara, Pedro Guedes, and Ana Barbosa, according to Jaciara, was triggered by his eruption, which took him to extremes and forced the production to inadvertently remove him from the game. So inconspicuous that we now know that Jaciara spent hours outside the house in the room alone. “It was because of the discussion and I looked at the board where the stars are and I told Ana that I was sure we had to choose three voters. We didn’t talk about names and Nuno comes from behind, puts his hand on his hips, lets the little jokes out and said we did voting strategies, we combined the votes and allied, “he says.” I said I didn’t combine the votes. Ana Barbosa also said no. Pedro looked sideways. He told me to give my game to Ana and he would decide for me. He said things I hadn’t even heard before. I got up and went straight to confess where I stepped in with a very severe crying crisis and anxiety and panic crisis. “

BB’s voice tried to calm the Brazilian but failed. But he has yet another anxiety crisis during a new dispute with Nuno Homem de Sán, where he said Jaciara’s game was “dangerous” and he was “lying.” Decon’s “ex” then ends up sleeping in an isolated room for the nights. “My sanity is more valuable than any reward or being inside,” he concludes.


Her nerves flared. Ana Barbosa was the next victim of the pressure there. “Ana and António came from BB, which is completely different from BB Famosos. This game is causing a lot of confusion for Ana,” Jaciara describes.

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The winner of the TVI live show enjoyed having fun in the parking lot with his roommates.

The businesswoman emphasizes that ‘inside people wear a character a lot and they don’t have a real delivery. There’s always someone we identify with more or less and Ana is in this dynamic and there because she’s’ BB Famous ”, some people don’t live real life “They’re living a character. It moved him a lot.”


Despite Nuno’s “game” and false positions in parliament, Jaciara believes the edition has a winner: her compatriot Bruna, who has always played a peaceful game. “I’m here to support Bruna, I want her to win. Bruna is like my trophy. Her victory means a lot more than my victory.”

Bruna Gomes is a Brazilian who enchanted Bernardo Sousa

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