COVID: the highest moving average of confirmed cases since April – Gerais

Minas is living the second week of mask release as the number of cases increases (photo: Juarez Rodrigues / EM / DA Press)

Another 2,714 people tested positive and 5 died in COVID-19 between Thursday (December 5) and Friday (January 5) in Minas. The data comes from an epidemiological bulletin published by the Ministry of Health on Friday.

To date, 3,370,918 confirmed cases of the disease and 61,410 viral deaths have been reported. Of these, 13,593 infections and 114 deaths occurred in May.

The average number of mobile cases rose again to 1,358.9 daily cases this Friday. The most recent high was April 11, when the average was 1,620 cases.

Initially, the increase in cases is not associated with an increase in deaths. As of April 13, 227 people had died from COVID, 99% more than the 114 deaths recorded in May.

According to the vaccine meter panel, vaccination coverage is 83.4% in those over 5 years of age with the second dose and 58.4% in those over 18 years of age with the booster dose. With the publication of the fourth vaccination dose for people over 60, the proportion of people vaccinated is currently 17.5%.

Belo Horizonte will continue to summarize for all audiences already convened Monday through Friday. Vaccination sites should be checked on the PBH website.

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