Curitiba is one of the capitals with an upward curve for Covid-19, according to a study by FioCruz – CBN Curitiba – A Rádio Que Toca Notícia.

A new bulletin released by FioCruz reveals that Curitiba is one of the capitals with an upward curve in Covid-19 cases.

FioCruz released a new InfoGripe Bulletin this Thursday (12th) showing signs of an increase in acute respiratory syndrome in the adult population. Covid-19 cases continue to rise and have positive results for respiratory viruses. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) cases still account for the largest proportion of viruses tested, accounting for 41.2% of all positive results. The data were analyzed by researchers at FioCruz, who paid particular attention to a network of laboratories across the country to correctly identify the type of virus associated with the recent trend reversal, particularly to distinguish between Covid-19 and influenza A. the bulletin reveals that 17 of the 27 states show signs of an increase in cases. Paraná is one of them and Curitiba is one of the capitals with an upward curve. Alcides Oliveira, director of the SMS Epidemiology Center, is analyzing this scenario.

A study by FioCruz shows that cases of Covid-19 remain the leading cause of severe acute respiratory syndrome. The national curve has been on the rise for six weeks. The estimate is 4,300 to 5,800 confirmations in the week of 1–7 May 2022. Alcides Oliveira confirms that respiratory diseases have increased in addition to positive coronavirus diagnoses in the most vulnerable group of people.

Despite the increase in the number of active cases, Alcides relies on statistics to reassure the population, remembering that serious cases have decreased.

Another practical finding, he said, is that most patients in need of treatment in hospitals did not have a complete vaccination schedule.

The FioCruz study is based on the Influenza Epidemiological Surveillance Information System (Siep-Gripe) 9.5. to the data entered up to.

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