Deliver Us the Moon on PS5 will be delayed on June 23rd

Deliver Us the Moon, produced by Wired Productions and KeokeN Interactive, will be released for PS5 and Xbox on May 19th. The next generation version of the 2020 title has been delayed June 23rdbut the companies did not explain why.

The port was even canceled due to a pandemic caused by COVID-19, but the project is back in full swing and will premiere next month. Keep in mind: PS4 owners don’t have to pay to get an upgrade.

Wired Productions has released a trailer for Deliver Us the Moon to unveil a new date. In the video, you can see some moments from the game while driving on the new generation of consoles. Check it out below:

The developer has not yet mentioned whether the name will take advantage of DualSense’s unique features, but he has assured radius tracking and very fast downloads as part of the package.

Deliver Us the Moon is a space-based horror game

Deliver Us the Moon will be located in an apocalyptic environment in the near future. In the game, the earth’s natural resources were depleted and world leaders organized themselves to take care of the energy crisis.

Players control an astronaut who is responsible for solving the saving mystery of great humanity. At this point, civilization has already inhabited the moon, and in addition to its robot partner, the protagonist faces several challenges.

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