EA supports the display of ads in free games

Andrew Wilson, CEO Electronic artssupported inclusion free game ads. At a conference on the company’s financial results, the director said, “there is room for advertising when done right.” The information was revealed by the Seeking Alpha website, which released an audio copy of the meeting.

According to the release, the topic came up during a revelation that Microsoft is preparing to add publicity in some free Xbox games – and Sony is following suit on the PlayStation. When asked about it, Wilson said his company’s goal is to provide the best possible gaming experience and that AND some models have already been tested advertising over time.

According to the CEO, some of these ad templates continued and some were discontinued because of the idea of ​​“maintaining the best possible experience” for players.

Wilson said his company watched a variety of entertainment media and realized it was possible to add commercials to the games. Your team would have noticed that this is done right, especially in mobile games. He further stated that “part of the community is involved in advertising if it provides an opportunity when it benefits their gaming experience”.

In the past, EA has tested some ad display formats in some of its paid games, including battlefield 2042. Free games are designed to generate advertising revenue, allowing developers to be paid regardless of microtransactions (and without having to pay for digital gaming and app stores like PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and Google Play).

Although Electronic Arts has been receptive to the idea of ​​displaying ads in its free games, it has not yet officially adopted this form of advertising.

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