Echo Show 15: Learn all about Amazon’s biggest smart screen

Last Wednesday (Nov. 11), Amazon launched Echo Show 15, the brand’s largest smart display, in Brazil. The 15.6-inch device acts as a kind of interactive whiteboard with functions for viewing series, movies, widgets, Alexa and more.

THE TecMundo spoke with Jacques Benain, CEO of Amazon Devices, who elaborated on the news.

First, Benain explains it the product is designed for family use. To do this, it uses Visual ID technology, which identifies each family member using facial recognition. he explains it The Echo Show 15 is a “collective panel” and can be a modern substitute for magnets and paper with fridge notesfor example.

Echo Show 15 is a “replacement” for paper with notes in the fridge.

“And Smart Display is able to provide each person with their own, customized experience based on their own reminders they need, a personal calendar, apps and everything in between. It’s a shared product,” he added.

Despite the familiar appeal, there are still no specific resources for children to launch. An Amazon spokesman said there is no child-friendly customization, but the company is concerned about this type of problem and has already noticed that there is a demand for it. “We need to work out customized for children,” the director promised.

Designed for the Brazilian audience

Although it was unveiled to Brazil in September last year, Echo Show 15 lasted more than six months before it officially arrived here. Benain argued that the time difference between the announcement and the publication was not large only in Brazil, but acknowledged that logistics difficulties and the testing phase delayed the launch.

In order to make the product as “round” as possible and in line with the local market, applications from Pintadinha chicken It’s from Million Showfor example.

“Alexa herself is already very close to Brazilians with all the activation and content, including ‘good morning.’ but now that the market is mature enough, we believe it will enter the market, “consumers said,” he said.

salty price

Benain also talked about the price of the product. The smart screen costs BRL 1,899 and can rise to BRL 1,804 if paid in cash. An Amazon spokesman claims the values ​​are “Brazilian in reality” and that they are “consistent” compared to other products in the Echo series.

If we could, we would definitely sell cheaper, because we always launch products at the lowest possible price. However, we face significant commercial challenges in investing in technology products such as the dollar in Brazil. But we really believe the value is competitive in the local scenario, ”he explains.

The CEO of Amazon devices also pointed out that the Echo Show 15 is indeed a premium product. That is why the stock of the product is not so large in Brazil, because, as the director himself said, “not all users will be able to pay this price.”

Echo performance 15

Benain also argued that the price ratio is favorable compared to the United States. The fact is, however, that Echo Show 15 is not equal to the price charged in the country. By comparison, the smart screen was released there for $ 250 in late 2021.

Using the price offered on 12 April 2022, the direct conversion would be BRL 1,286. In other words, another R $ 600 real (or US $ 117) was added to the final price. This is called the “Brazilian price.”

See all Echo Show 15 specifications below:

  • Display: 15.6 “with a resolution of 1980 x 1080 pixels (Full HD);
  • Sound: two 1.6 “speakers;
  • Camera: 5 MP;
  • camera controls: Built-in camera cover and microphone and camera off button;
  • Control: portrait or landscape;
  • Wall mounting: Yeah;
  • dimensions: 402mm x 252mm x 35mm;
  • Weightweight: 2.2 kg;
  • connectivity: Bluetooth, Dual-Antenna Dual-Antenna 802.11ac Wi-Fi (MIMO). Not compatible with ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi connection.
  • Processor: Amlogic Pop1 eight-core SoC with Amazon AZ2 neural network engine;
  • sensors: ALS RGB and acceleration sensor;
  • Included in the box: Echo Show 15; bivolt power adapter (30 W) and 1.5 meter cord (white); Wall support; holkit; screws; installation template and quick start guide.

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