Elon Musk suspended operations to buy Twitter

Businessman Elon Musk announced Friday that he has “temporarily” decided to suspend his takeover bid for Twitter, in which he already has a 9% stake and which could cost him $ 44 billion to manage.

Elon Musk says in a message posted on his Twitter account that the Twitter purchase operation was on hold, awaiting further clarification from the company about the actual number of users on the social network.

Musk is asking Twitter for more information showing that the number of fake or spam accounts is less than 5% of all users, the company claims.

In the pre-Twitter stock market (before the official opening of the U.S. stock market), social network bonds fell nearly 20% due to an announcement by Elon Musk.

As of 11:30 a.m., the North American Capital Markets Authority (SEC) had no Twitter announcement on Musk’s account on the social network.

The millionaire had already announced support for several banks to fund Twitter’s takeover bid, in which he currently has a 9 percent stake.

In the social network, the founder of Tesla has more than 92 million followers.

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