Experts are starting to test the vaccine against three types of cancer

A vaccine against three types of cancer may become a reality, and researchers have already begun testing it. The substance is used in patients with prostate, lung and ovarian cancer, and in the UK, volunteers are already starting to receive doses of the vaccine.

The vaccine was developed by Oxford Vacmedix, a company created by researchers at the University of Oxford, and targets a specific protein: survivin. According to experts, cancer cells release this protein to trick the immune system into preventing the body from producing defenses against them.

The immunizer uses a synthetic version of the inhibitor to teach the body to recognize tumors and attack them effectively.

The first results of the study are encouraging. The 35 cancer volunteers who received the vaccine will receive long-term follow-up after the applications. The data comes from O Globo.

Patients receive three doses of the vaccine every two weeks. The analysis of the test results is expected to take six months.

Prostate cancer and lung cancer are considered relatively common diseases. Ovarian cancer is seen as a rarer case and more difficult to diagnose. As a result, the effectiveness of the vaccine becomes very important, which increases expectations about the vaccine.

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