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Opening of the national influenza vaccination campaign. © Arquivo / Gilberto Marques / Government of the State of São Paulo

Anyone who has not been vaccinated in 2021 can be vaccinated

At the end of 2021, with the emergence of a new variant of Covid-19 Ômikron, the population of Brazil had to deal with another problem: an unusual flu epidemic broke out in the summer, rushing to health centers for influenza vaccinations.

However, after the start of the 2022 flu vaccination campaign, the recent vaccination made Brazilians doubt whether they would go to health centers or not. The answer is simple, Dr. Marcelo Daher, a member of the Brazilian Immunization Association (SBI) in Goiás.

“You can and should take it again. People need to understand that the flu vaccine is not an annual one, it is given seasonally. “, guides.

The expert clarifies that the World Health Organization (WHO) provides guidance year after year on what an immunizing agent should contain.

“The whole world collects data during the year and sends it to the WHO, which makes a recommendation on what stocks should be included next year. vaccine. “

Experts expect that with the onset of winter, the number of flu cases in the country will increase rapidly. According to the Ministry of Health, in January-March, laboratory tests confirmed more than 5,000 cases, which exceeded the entire year 2021.

“This is the time of vaccination. Winter is coming, places are already cold, the climate is dry and viruses are circulating at an accelerating rate. More antibodies are needed. Those vaccinated in December have increased protection compared to who caught it last year,” says the infectologist.

Influenza frames may worsen and develop into other diseases, such as pneumonia, which in January-August 2021 caused more than 3,000 deaths in the country after hospitalization.


The flu vaccination campaign will continue until July 22, but doctors are concerned about the low vaccination rate. So far, only 30% of the elderly have been vaccinated. DR. Ana Rosa dos Santos, vice-president of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations-DF and chief vaccination officer at Grupo Sabini, lists some possible causes.

“The low demand is a lot related to people’s fear of going to health centers or private clinics. All vaccines are very low and this is due to fear of covid-19 infection. But we also saw many people providing data that was not reliable. We were losing vaccination coverage in the country , where there is vaccine expertise and where people are present and always attentive to vaccinations, ”he says.

“Brazilians like vaccination, but social networks have polluted this issue a lot. I think the hesitation we continue to follow is related to this fear and misinformation,” he concludes.

The vaccine, available from Unified Health System (SUS) health centers, takes about 14 days to confer immunity to H3N2, the causative agent of H1N1, H3N2, influenza B (Victoria) and influenza B (Yamagata). recently registered in Brazil.


In addition to SUS, laboratories and pharmacies also vaccinate those who do not belong to the priority group but want to guarantee vaccination, but the instructions must be followed with care.

The edition circulates on the Internet, where the official profile of the Drogasil pharmacy chain guides the customer to wait until the end of the year to receive a new dose – which is not the case, as we have already shown.

iG contacted Drogasil and is waiting to comment.

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