Fuels will go in opposite directions next week. Refueling with diesel is up to 4 euros cheaper, refueling with petrol costs 2.5 euros

Here comes the good and bad news for Portuguese drivers. Fuel prices will rise in opposite directions next week: At own-brand service stations – which normally operate next to hypermarkets – “the trend this week is an increase in petrol of € 0.0337 and a decrease in diesel of € 0.0634”. an industry source told Multinews.

According to the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG), fuel prices have risen 15 times since the beginning of the year and have fallen only four times. During this time, the price of diesel rose by 34 cents per liter and that of gasoline by 26 cents more.

This means that filling a 60-liter diesel tank costs € 20 more than 18 weeks ago. Filling up the petrol tank requires 15 euros more than in the first week of January.

Next Monday, and taking into account the announced drop, the proving bill for a 60-liter fuel tank is about four euros cheaper.

Data from the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG) show that the average price per liter of plain diesel in Portugal is currently € 1.841 per liter, while the price of plain petrol 95 is € 1.923.

According to the latest European Commission fuel bulletin, Portugal is the seventh most expensive petrol in 95 of the 27 countries of the European Union. Diesel is ranked 16th in the European rankings.

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