Google Releases New Glasses That Turn Conversations Into Real Time Innovation

Ten years after Google Glass captured what users saw but raised privacy concerns and received low ratings for their design, the Google Glass debut since the beginning has revealed a new company in this segment, is able to display translations of conversations in real time.

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“We’re working on technology that will allow us to break down language barriers. Finding a Google translator takes years and putting it in the glasses,” said Eddie Chung, Google’s director of product management, calling the feature “subtitled for the world.” ”

The launch of the new glasses reflects the company’s growing caution. When Google Glass was unveiled at the company’s 2012 developer conference, Parachutists used it to stream a jump from a San Francisco building, giving the company special permission to do the trick.

This time, Google only showed a video of a prototype that showed translations of conversations that used English, Mandarin, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

The company did not set a release date or immediately confirmed that the device did not have a built-in camera.

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