Grupo Visabeira buys German electricity to boost energy supplies in the country – Empresas

The Portuguese group Visabeira acquired the German electricity company Elektro-Würkner GmbH to expand its operations in Germany. The subsidiary Constructel Visabeira announced the deal on Thursday without increasing the value of the acquisition.

Elektro-Würkner GmbH, a subsidiary of the Visabeira Group operating in the telecommunications and energy sectors in the European and US markets, was acquired. Founded in 1965, the German company currently has about 230 employees. According to the company, this is one of the largest German telecommunications companies and has a presence in the renewable energy sector.

“Extensive experience and a combination of technical and human skills make Elektro-Würkner GmbH an ideal partner for Constructel Visabeira, thus strengthening the extensive know-how that the Portuguese company has already provided in the telecommunications and energy network design services market in Germany,” he says. The current management team, led by Marion Würkner, will continue to lead the company “with a focus on continuity, quality and growth, not forgetting the most important assets, the employees,” Visabeira points out. “Proud of and respectful of what has been achieved so far, both companies are optimistic and confident about the future, taking advantage of synergies by optimizing the know-how and technical resources that guarantee current and future contracts.”

The acquisition follows the acquisition in February of an Italian company specializing in energy and telecommunications networks. The acquisition of the majority of Inpower Group’s capital, the value of which was not disclosed, was also carried out through the subsidiary Constructel and is intended to carry out and expand operations in Italy.

Constructel Visabeira is a holding company of Grupo Visabeira, which brings together telecommunications and energy companies and has a strong position in Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United States.

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