“I don’t know if I’d be ready …”

Last night at the Big Brother – Desafio Final house, Bruna Gomes spoke with Pedro Guedes and wanted to understand how her relationship with Kelly Baron began at the Big Brother VIP event.

In addition to the fact that the influencer was happy with the couple’s love story, he told his colleagues what one of his big life goals is: “My dream is to be a mother, I swear! It’s always been motherhood, I don’t know why. So I thought “when I really felt like I wanted to be a mom,” I would be addicted to something, I would adopt, I would find my way, but I wanted to be a mom, which is like my dream.“.

When Felipe Neto’s relationship ended last year, Bruna Gomes met Bernardo Sousa at Big Brother Famosos, and they have talked on several occasions about the possibility of being older: “He’s pretty crazy. He wants [ser pai], but I don’t know if he would be ready. But I don’t think about it much time“, the influencer said.

Watch the video here.

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