“I felt powerless.” Reports of sexual harassment increase at the opening of the Eurovision Song Contest – Observer

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Several volunteers in the Eurovision Song Contest claim to have been harassed at a welcome party for the competition teams held this Sunday at the Venaria Palace on the outskirts of Turin (Italy).

One of the reports that has come to light is just the story of a young Italian woman identified as Francesca. She danced when a group of “foreign” dancers approached her and suddenly began to “feel their hands”: they touched his ass, he told the Italian newspaper Corriere Torino. have you already seen “Volunteer resolutely pushes away the artist who tried to kiss him”.

The situation is similar to Paola, a fictional name, reports. He mentioned that the dancers hugged her repeatedly until one put her hand on her waist and tried to kiss her. “I felt powerless, I wanted to escape, but I couldn’t”he stressed and added that “another tried to do the same.”

Helping with the experience of organizing the event should have been “wonderful,” but it became a “night of groping and beating,” Paola said.


Francesca and Paola were not unique cases, but none of the victims wanted to immediately report the harassment to the authorities because they did not want to “cause problems” at the party, except: “If I had been at the Disco, I would have clicked [aos dançarinos]”.

Turin City Council has confirmed that the investigation is ongoing, according to Corriere Turin. Alessandra Aires, head of volunteer management, said that if he had noticed the abusive behavior, he would have “stopped the incident”. “I can guarantee I was at the party all the time, and it didn’t happen. It’s a shame that someone wants to ruin this awesome event“The Daily Mail quotes.

The municipality disputing the allegations is “incomprehensible” to the Italian women’s rights organization Non Una Di Meno:

As always, the voices of women victims of violence are silenced and their accounts are degraded. Harassment is not a game nor a toy”.

The last ten finalists for the first ten semi-finals (including Maro) and the five straight qualifiers were determined this Thursday. The final is this Sunday.

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