“I have a serious situation here”: a passenger with no flight experience landed after the pilot was incapacitated

One passenger without driving experience it achievedthis tuesday, tea land safely on a private plane At Palm Beach International Airport, Florida, after the pilot was incapacitated for reasons not yet known.

In a voice published by the Live Air Traffic website and reproduced by CNN, it is possible to hear a passenger say: “I have a serious situation here. My pilot was disabled and I don’t know how to fly a plane..

The message was heard by air traffic controller Robert Morgan, a certified flight instructor who gave the passenger all the instructions to land and land the small single-engine Cessna 208 safely.

“She was very calm”, says the air traffic controller. “He said: “I can’t fly, I don’t even know how to stop this if I get on the runway”reported by Robert Morgan.

Although Morgan was a flight instructor, he had also never flown a Cessna 208 aircraft. He carefully studied and observed a photograph of the dashboard of that model, and thus from a distance he taught a lesson about everything. what the passenger should do to keep the device stable.

“Try to keep the wings horizontal and see if you can start to land. Push the controls forward and descend very slowly, ”advised Robert Morgan. “Try to go north or south along the coast. We’re trying to locate him,” the air traffic controller added.

After the location, Morgan guided the passenger pilot to approach the largest airport in the area, Palm Beach, “so that he would have a really big goal to aim for.”

Together, Morgan and the passenger managed to land on the runway of the plane. “Landing was 10”says an air traffic controller quoted by CNN.

Here’s the landing time:

“I felt like I was crying, there was so much adrenaline. I was very happy that everything went well and no one was hurt. “says the air traffic controller.

After landing, the passenger said he just wanted to go home with the pregnant woman.

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