“I’m in a very happy phase of life”

Fátima Lopes will be 53 years old on Friday 13 May. So, and to mark the date, the presenter of the “Caixa Magica” program at SIC wrote a text on the subject last year.

Fátima Lopes shared an image on her Instagram account showing her open arms and a smile on her face, and in the caption she began by admitting: “Today I celebrated 53 years. The past year has been so intense that I have a hard time remembering everything I did and experienced.”

Fátima Lopes revealed that despite many changes, challenges and early stages, she is grateful for everything she has experienced.

“It was a year of change. About the change. From the beginning. To feel the power of my love. To be infinitely grateful for the affection of the audience. I feel blessed with every hug and smile I receive. I am in a very happy phase of life. And best of all, I feel like everything I’ve lived has made sense. 🙏🏼 ”sure.

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