In the finals of the film Married at First Sight, it was revealed who will stay together

Filming for “Married at First Sight” has already ended and there are surprises in the grand finale.

The recordings for “Married at First Sight” are over, and the final ceremony features surprises in a release that fell short of viewers ’expectations, but which Casting gave a lot to talk about.

Frauds, couples who can’t stand each other, and others who lasted match. That is the case Bruno Lima and Inês Martinswho were the first couple to renew their promises. “They are still super in love. They renewed their promise in a very beautiful ceremony and assured that they had plans for a common future.“, reveals the source for” Tv 7 Dias “magazine.

In this edition, only three couples remained until the end of the social experience. Brazilian and stylistsalso Bruno and Ruth and João and Dulce arrived at the vow renewal ceremony.

remember it Tiago Jacket and Dina Guedeslike Luis Franco and Laura Quintas have already rejected “Married at first sight”. soon too Luis Filipe and Cristina end the marriage.

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