“In those moments, we see how tough we are …”

Ahead of yesterday’s Big Brother Extra – Final Challenge, TVI aired the documentary “Cristina e Kasha – Sítio Bom,” which for the first time revealed the real reasons that led the DAMA musician to enter the Big Brother Famosos version, from which he left the winner.

For the debut of this new production, competitors in this edition reality tv show gathered in the living room to watch the premiere of the documentary and also to explore behind the scenes before and after Kasha’s participation in Big Brother Famosos.

After the documentary ended, a call to the house during the Extra showed Bruna Gomes visibly moved by the musician’s story and in tears to Catarina Siqueira: “Unfortunately, only in these moments do we have to go through to see how resilient, how strong. this is really cool“.

Watch the video here.

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