“iPhones 14 Pro” may have Apple Pencil support and a new gold color

And here we go to more rumors on the subject iPhones 14 Pro! We’re still a few months away from upcoming phones, but with their features – including style cuts perforation, slightly larger screens and improved cameras – ventilation continues left and right. More (possible) details today!

Apple Pencil?

According to the site My drivers, we have two possible novelties for future iPhone models. The first of these, to the delight of all illustrators, designers and illustrators, would be much speculated support Apple pen.

There aren’t many details about a possible inclusion, but rumor has it that the “pen” (this is for you, Steve Jobs) would give device users a new dimension to productivity with fast note-taking and drawing, and a tool for creating projects and images on the go. Samsung is already offering something like the Galaxy Note series (or its successor, the S22 Ultra) with great success.

However, if the rumor materializes, we need to know some details. For example, it is not known whether Apple will make the “iPhones 14 Pro” compatible with any current Apple Pencils or whether it will release an exclusive version of the accessory for smartphones. It’s also questionable whether the devices have a magnetic connector for holding and charging pens, like the latest iPads.

New golden?

Still involved My drivers“iPhones 14 Pro” is available (at least initially) in four colors: in addition to the existing graphite, silver and blue, we would have golden reformed – and, let’s say, more fussy flagrant.

Possible colors

The potential new color refers to the golden iPhones 6 and 6s, which have more striking coloration – something Apple changed over the years, with much more neutral and subtle golden tones. You does above and below give some idea of ​​what we can expect.

Possible golden color

It is clear that it is still too early to settle for these rumors, although the sources are not very solid in origin. Still, the opportunity is raised here. Would you like to?

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