João Soares: “I was preparing for this at the age of 80, I was rebelled that it happened at the age of 47”

This Friday 13.5. João Soares expressed heartfelt respect for SIC’s “Júlia” program. The day one year after his death Maria João Abreuafter a brain aneurysm, the musician talked about the moments when he felt the lowest.

“There were times when I didn’t want to live”he said. “These are the moments that are attacking you and you think 10 seconds later, ‘No, I’m not that,’ and that moment passed, but they existed, they existed.”he added.

João Soares of Maria João Abreu’s grandchildren: “They say Grandma is a little star”

The musician says “you are scared to think that life is not worth living”but then, “The fact that you keep living will give you the strength to realize that this is a fight and you can win it, little by little, of course, but we’re here to win.”.

“I have times of rebellion. I was preparing for this when I was 70-80 years old. It annoys me that it was at the age of 47, and those moments are probably the moments I break and cry the most. Then I have to understand that life goes on “highlighted.

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