Leandro tired of Gonçalo Quinaz: “I can’t take the baby’s voice anymore!” | Big brother

Leandro and Gonçalo Quinaz have been in opposing groups in practice since the beginning of this issue. After a disagreement between the two, the musician decided to express to several colleagues, “I can’t stand the voice of a child anymore!” He made it very clear.

Catarina Siqueira was the first colleague to listen to Leandro and try to calm the situation. “I don’t want to change your mindset, I just want you to maintain the attitude you’ve had so far,” the actor explained to reassure his colleagues.

Can’t find what he’s looking for in Catarina, but Leandro decides to express it to someone who understands his hostility better: Nuno Homem de Sá. “I gave him several opportunities and he didn’t know how to take advantage of it,” the actor explained, I understand Leandro’s frustration with his colleague.

Still, the singer, enthusiastic about the whole situation, ended up breaking out for Pedro Guedes as well. “I already ate the bread that the devil is plaguing!” said Leandro, referring to the difficulties he was experiencing. “Why are you talking about my family?” The unbelieving singer continued and clearly hated Quinaz.

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