“Love is not always easy …”

Jaciara Dias was (until the beginning of this year) “almost unknown” to most Portuguese. However, participating in the first edition of TVI’s “Big Brother Famosos” of the year, the Brazilian jumped into the spotlight.

The businesswoman entered Malveira’s house with an open heart, and despite her approach to Kasha, Amor ended up leaving her arrows, but Jaciara Dias is now in love again.

Speaking to Maria, the Brazilian ended up admitting that her stay in Portugal led to a reconciliation with her ex-husband Marconi: “I talked to my agent, who has also been a counselor for several years, and he told me that there is disagreement in every marriage, but what unites couples is the ability to win those moments.”begins with revealing.

“I thought and thought I was right and I talked to Marconi, after all, he is a man who helped raise my children and treats them well, it wouldn’t be easy to introduce anyone else. Love is not always easy. “ still admits.

It is worth remembering that Jaciara Dias once again found herself involved in some of the contradictions in this recent “Final Challenge”, namely with Nuno Homem de Sán, as we have said here.

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