Luís Franco of Casados ​​criticizes Laura Quinta: “It was never genuine”

One of the most controversial couples of the third seasonMarried at first sight‘, Luis Franco and Laura Quintas a couple who rejected SIC’s social experience in a section presented last Sunday, May 8, and did so his back turned.

After Laura had already been one of Júlia Pinheiro’s guests last week, in the afternoon program at Paço de Arcos ’station, Luís also had time to comment on the ups and downs of her relationship with the actress. Bruna Quintas.

In a direct and direct conversation with the face of the SIC coach relations assessed its participation in the “Casados” event and did not fail to publish harsh criticism of the current ex-wife. In a promotional video published by Júlia Pinheiro, Luís Franco says that all “went wrong”In a relationship and attacks Laura with her mother-in-law for supposed understanding.

She likes my mother so much that she never said anything to her again. I don’t think it was genuine“, accuses Luís of an excerpt from an interview published on the presenter ‘s social networks.

Luís decides to respond to a dispute over his allegedly rude way of talking to his mother. “All my friends blamed Mom, everyone. Of course, you don’t blame your mother in front of the TV.“, he assumes in response to the negative comments he received from his ex – wife and also from many viewers of the program.

I’m a mom, and I don’t want to be blamed, but that’s it.“replied Júlia Pinheiro. Remember, the couple abandoned the SIC experience last Sunday, May 8, and decided to separate.

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