“Married”: Laura never had a chance! Luís’ heart is still full of the passion of the past – Nacional

Luís Franco, a former competitor in SIC’s “Married at First Sight” series, was a guest on Júlia Pinheiro’s talk show., Thursday afternoon. After analyzing the origins of the disagreements with her bride in the experience, Laura Quintas, the mother of actress Bruna Quintas, a relationship coach from Loures. could not say that he was not in love with Anahhis former partner, with whom he was 5 years before joining the program, confirming that the break was due to his jealousy.

“I don’t like the phrase ‘if I get stuck’, I think there’s another stronger thing to say about it, namely: we can’t escape ourselves, and I think the program came to bring me this. It showed me a lot of things. explained and added: “One thing that brought me in was that I can’t look for anything in Laura of life when the universe has already brought me man in a very spontaneous way. (…) I think the universe has still not let me escape.

She admitted in the program about her marriage to Laura that she was not the type she was looking for: “What didn’t work? The first word that comes to mind is everything. The best answer to this is basically the moment I turned around at the altar and saw a person who didn’t fit the formula I idealized. ”But Laura didn’t just respond in the physical dimension to Luís’ desired profile: “The next morning I started realizing I was a more spontaneous person, full of energy (…). In my casting, I had said that my previous relationship had been very intense and that I longed for more peace and quiet. Of course, on the first day, I realized it wasn’t.

Luís took the opportunity to deny some of the characterizations and accusations made against him. One of them was that he was an actor in front of the cameras: “This annoys me. I’m furious about that! Basically, I told him that when we talk in front of the camera, we can’t say certain swear words and he felt attacked. ”Another, hypocrisy:“ It’s about not wanting to hurt people and avoid conflict, and he thinks we have to say everything. “Finally, it’s an exaggerated recourse to a cell phone:” I said that’s exactly what my job is, he accepted until the first gala arrives and it looks like what I said I spent all the time on the phone. What he didn’t tell me, and I didn’t want to take it to ceremonies, was that I often woke up to the noise of Farmville.the sound of the keys … “

Eventually, the relationship coach confirmed that she no longer had any contact with Laura Quintas: “I have no contact, and I don’t want to. He attacked me in every way and form, even my worth …”. Nevertheless, there are other competitors who are still a part of her life: “I have a relationship with almost everyone and a very special relationship with Doina, although I also really like Uicãa, and with João I have fun with João. Things, it’s very fun.”

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