Marta Cruz responded to the criticism for the aesthetic measure on her face

MArta Cruz has been in the news in the last few days for allegedly getting botox on her lips. The information shared by the national publication sparked controversy and made the former model react publicly.

Marta explains that she has been putting hyaluronic acid on her lips for “more than six years” and that she is not in the least worried about the opinions of those who started following her on social media to see if she was “better or worse.” like before”.

“Good for me. Welcome [à sua conta de Instagram]. But one thing is clarified: I’m almost 40 years old and I’ve always done what I wanted (unfortunately for my parents and apparently my lips). The bad news is that I will continue to do what I want, the good news is that I am going to put two tomatoes on my forehead now. I’m going to look beautiful … in my eyes, of course, because it’s always me and me, ”she writes.

Carlos Cruz’s daughter also wanted to leave a message for those who criticized her appearance. “Commenting on someone else’s body is extremely dangerous and should no longer happen these days, let alone be used as a nationality. The freedom to be what you want to be and how you want to be is necessary and should be. Respected.” urgently. I have always learned that an opinion that is not asked is not given either, so let us be more empathetic to each other, thank you. ”

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