Milhazes: Talking about the possibility of nuclear war “something normal” could be “danger”

Russia’s former president Dmitry Medvedev warns that NATO is threatening a direct conflict with Russia with “potentially devastating consequences”.

In a telegram, Medvedev says that increased military support from western Ukraine could trigger a conflict with Moscow, which could trigger a full-scale nuclear war;which would lead to a devastating scenario for all parties.

The reaction of Vladimir Putin’s ally Finland’s intention to join NATO and convergence with Sweden, which should follow the same path, was “expectedAccording to José Milhazes, SIC commentator Because this is not the first time such threats have been used.

THE Russia’s speech “brings nothing new”In spite of, Milhazes says it’s “shaping the danger” of starting to talk about the possibility of “something normal” in nuclear war and not “like the possibility of the disappearance of the earth”

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