“No one can resist a baby’s feet 😍”

Inês Gutierrez and João Montez are living a new phase in their lives. The couple first became Maria Luisa’s parents on April 14, and recently they have experienced absolute love.

This Thursday, May 12, a TVI presenter decided to “toast” fans with new images of a baby playing with the “success” she already has on her parents ’social networks.

“I’m going to prove that Malu’s irresistible legs have more likes than in a photo where I’m alone super-outsider, like I posted yesterday. I think it’s obscene, but I feel like I’m right.”wrote Inês Gutierrez in the title of the publication.

In the comment field, the followers ‘rejoiced’ at the pictures of Malu’s ‘legs’, as the little one is treated with tenderness and they left e.g. “No one can resist a baby’s feet 😍 ♥ ️”, “The cutest little feet 🥰✨ ”,“ Irresistible! 👶 ” and yet “What perfection! What love 💗”.

Look now:

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